Our Opening Hours over New Year 2011/2012 Period

Dear valued customers,

Thank you for all your support and patronage in 2011.

To be advised that over the new year period Ari Football Concept Store will be closed from Saturday 31th December 2011 and re-open again on Wednesday 4th January 2012 (Thonglor branch only).

Our Siam branch will reopen one week later on Wednesday 11th January 2012.

From 4th January 2012 onwards, it will be business as usual at our Thonglor branch.

For urgent matters, please contact us either via email (tahra@arifootball) or directly on 08-1-816-4567 (k. Ekk)

We wish you a very happy festive season and hope to see you all very soon in 2012!

We promise to return better, faster & stronger

Team Ari


ร้านอาริฟุตบอล ขอขอบคุณสำหรับทุกการสนับสนุนและอุปถัมภ์ของคุณในปี 2554นี้

เราขอแจ้งให้ทราบว่าในช่วงเวลาเทศกาลปีใหม่ ร้านอาริฟุตบอลจะปิดให้บริการ ตั้งแต่วันเสาร์ที่ 31 ธันวาคม 2554 และเปิดอีกครั้งในวันพุธที่ 4 มกราคม 2554 เฉพาะที่สาขาทองหล่อ

ส่วนสาขาสยาม จะเปิดใหม่อีกครั้งหนึ่งในวันพุธที่ 11 มกราคม 2554

สำหรับเรื่องเร่งด่วนโปรดติดต่อเราได้ผ่านทางอีเมล์ (tahra@arifootball) หรือโทร. 081-816-4567 (คุณ เอ๊ก)

เราขอให้ทุกท่านมีความสุขกับเทศกาลปีใหม่และเราหวังว่าจะได้พบกับทุกท่านในเร็ว ๆ นี้ ในปี 2555!

เราสัญญาว่าจะกลับมาด้วยบริการที่ดีขึ้น เร็วขึ้นและมีประสิทธิภาพยิ่งขึ้น



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Adidas Adizero f50 Prime review

The adidas F50 adiZero Prime has come to be something of an a finely-nuanced character in the world of football boots.

Rather than being ‘just another’ new boot release, it was a benchmark for adidas, representing their lightest boots ever – and it was historic for boots in general, marking the lightest football boots ever produced.

But with every positive, there’s always some negatives to give the naysayers something to squawk about; firstly, the increase in price to £210 drew many’er breath through pursed lips and clenched teeth.

Then, despite being the face of the adiZero line (and adidas football in general) Lionel Messi decided to stick with the slightly heavier leather adiZero for his boot of choice.

But all that aside, what we know plenty of you guys want to know is; how do the adiZero Prime perform on the pitch?

The adiZero range has a reputation for a great fit, and thanks to the same last and TPU support bands, it’s a reputation that will go unscathed; as long as you make the best use of the insoles available.

I made a big mistake when I used the ultra-light insole on sun-baked ground, and ended up with some wicked rubbing on my big toes. But on grass that has had a spray of water or rain in the last couple of days, they were great.

By contrast, the adiZero Prime‘s Comfort insole made the boots more adaptable to firmer surfaces (and even for use on a super-modern artificial pitch), without adding any real extra weight.

The adiLite Twin is also, without exaggeration, the best synthetic of it’s type on a pair of football boots today. By that I mean it’s not a synthetic leather like Nike’s KangaLite, but instead a lightweight synthetic that’s design purely to drop weight.

It creases admirably along the toes and forefoot, giving no rubbing or irritation anywhere on the foot.

Feel & Touch

One of my favourite things about the adiZero Prime is making a ‘flush’ ball contact with the synthetic upper. Catching a shot, volley or even clearance with the adiZero Prime’s generous sweet spot really is one of the most satisfying out of any football boots on the market today.

Something about the thinness of the upper and satisfying slap of synthetic on ball really gives you a sense of the power transferring into the ball from your feet, which is also great for delicate chips and crosses as you really can feel the ball through the boot.

This extends to dribbling too, with the same super-thin upper responsible for a great sense of where the ball is on your foot, allowing for deft tricks and flicks (if that’s your thing) and giving you mastery of the ball when moving at speed.


The adiZero Prime is a striking boot, of that there’s no doubt. Whilst largely similar to the revamped adiZero, adidas have taken the time to add some neat touches for the Prime.

The TPU lateral band along the outsole adds a great sense of balance to the Warning orange of the upper, with the neon yellow ‘F50′ branding on the outside of the toes a nice feature.

A laser-etched grid sits on the heel counter on both sides, giving the adiZero Prime a ‘Tron’-esque futuristic touch, giving the impression to the beholder that they are more than a pair of football boots, perhaps a prototype for some futuristic cleat, yet to be seen by public eyes!


If there was one problem that has plagued the adiZero line, it’s the longevity of the boots themselves. Stories of missing FG studs circulated the web, (though it never happened to us) and stitching on the leather version was another ‘weak-spot’.

Whilst all my adiZero Prime studs are still fully intact after 2 months of solid playing, there have been one or two little imperfections that have started to show.

The white plastic of the SprintFrame tarnishes very quickly, and the ‘flawless-ness’ of the upper quickly becomes creased (though as this is one of the reasons they’re so comfortable, I can’t complain!)

One plus about these entirely synthetic football boots is they’re super-easy to clean. Whilst the neon-bright studs will never get back to that as-new ‘glow’ they have when they first arrived, the rest of the boot can be brought back to a more-than-respectable standard with nothing more than a wet-wipe.


The adiZero Prime has two key ‘Performance’ aspects that I want to give some airing; the weight and the height.

First of all, lacing up a new pair of adiZero Primes is a special experience (akin to that ‘je ne sais quoi’ I mentioned way back with the Superfly II). They’re so light, so well-fitting, they’re almost instantly in harmony with your feet.

The soleplate does an exceptional job of giving you support where you need it under the key pressure points under the sole, and the exceptional 145g weight takes care of the rest.

Most ‘speed’ football boots don’t make a noticeable difference on your feet – but theadiZero Prime does. The moment you start to warm up in them, you’ll know that they’re unlike anything else you’ve ever played in before.

Secondly, the height of the boot is something I particularly enjoyed, but I know won’t be given a lot of credit. The front of the adiZero Prime is almost knife-edged; the flat sole and slope up the toes allow you to really get under every long-ball or cross.


I shouldn’t really have to complain about the adiZero Prime‘s hefty price tag. They’re a unique football boots experience; well-fitting, great looking and a solid performer in addition to being the lightest football boots in the world.

The presentation of the adiZero Prime is exceptional and really make you feel like you’ve bought something special! The box is a slide-out tray with two compartments (one for each boot), and also comes with spare laces, a nice mesh bag, dust cloth and another set of insoles.

Whilst I definitely question whether the adiZero Prime is worth over £200, I begrudgingly acknowledge that this might just be the start of the new standard for ‘elite’ football boot’s price tags rising above what we’re currently used – and am forced to admit that when compared to the £275 of the Superfly III are ‘not that bad’.


There’s no doubt that the adiZero Prime is a very, very special boot. adidas have created a truly premier product – everything from the presentation to wearing the product itself is an exceptional experience.

Having played in and enjoyed the adiZero, it’s no surprise that I came away from the Prime’s similarly impressed.

If there’s one downside, it’s that the synthetic upper takes a bit of getting used to when playing in the wet. Whilst I fortunately went through the whole ‘breaking-in’ process in the rain, I did find that sometimes the friction-less design of the upper was a pain when taking a pass at speed on recently rained-on grass.

credit: footy-boots

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adidas Originals by Originals James Bond for David Beckham 2011 Fall/Winter Video Lookbook

Football and style icon David Beckham, and UNDFTD’s James Bond meet again in Fall/Winter 2011 to reinterpret American Sportswear in the context of British chic. The result? Sophisticated take on classic sportswear at its best. Take a look at the new video lookbook from the adidas Originals by Originals James Bond for David Beckham line!


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New Predator colourway for Beckham?

Wow, the new adidas adiPower Predator isn’t even out yet, and there’s already another colourway on the block! We’re not sure whether this was an intentional move by adidas, but there was no way we were ever going to miss it on the feet of a certain Mr. Beckham!


David Beckham donned these previously-unheard of new adidas adiPower Predators for former team-mate (and long-time friend) Gary Neville’s testimonial against Juventus on May 24th.

The former United captain and moustache-aficionado has called time on his Old Trafford career with a final match against the Turin club, and Beckham was granted special leave from duties with the LA Galaxy to participate.

It seems that adidas also had something special planned for Becks, who has played the last two weeks in his signature White/College Navy Predator_X, as they were clearly keen to have the former Galatico debut these new football boots.

There are speculations whether Beckham would be receiving his own signature version of the new adidas adiPower Predator as he draws the the end of his illustrious career, but it seems adidas still have faith in ‘brand Beckham’ to sell football boots.

As you can barely make out on the heel of these gold/red adidas adiPower Predators, Beckham’s signature ‘free-kick’ logo rests just above the heel counter. Which, unless this is some serious bespoke customisation, marks these out as being Beckham’s signature Predator for this round of colourways.

This is far from the first time we’ve seen Beckham in gold Predators, so perhaps it’s no surprise to see that he’s opted for gold as his signature for the new adidas adiPower Predator.

As for technical details, as you can see from our pictures, Beckham opted for the new Hybrid SG configuration on his adidas adiPower Predator‘s complete with red SG studs.

You can also see that Beckham hasn’t had any sort of customisation added to the soleplate in this instance, sticking with the standard SprintFrame soleplate – marked out by the lateral stud and three distinctive ‘torsion’ bars under the arch of the foot.

Also, if you think that Beckham’s football boots look a little shinier than your average adidas adiPower Predator, then you’re absolutely right! Beckham’s signature model is made of a lightweight synthetic instead of Taurus leather, marking Beckham’s return to a synthetic Predator after spending his time in the Predator_X in the ‘standard’ upper.

Given Becks’ staunch love of the PowerPulse system from the Predator PowerSwerve, we’re keen to see whether Goldenballs (or now, Goldenboots!) sticks with the standard version of these great football boots, or has a custom pair made for him again.

Either way, we’re thrilled to see Beckham in a signature Predator again!

We have no confirmed retail details from adidas on these at time of writing, though with the adidas adiPower Predator launch still nearly 2 months away, we could yet see them made available alongside the other two launch colourways.

Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available!

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NEW Gor Gaao Light Colour Series drop!

Today’s marks the day when Gor Gaao best drops its new Light Colour series! We believe Gor Gaao’s t-shirts are Thailand’s best – hands down! And that’s why we stock them here at Ari ;p

Colour’s available:

Light Grey
Off White
Light Green
Light Orange
Light Blue
Light Pink

Sizes Available:

Classic T-shirt, Crew Neck
Men XS / S / M / L / XL
Women S / M / L

For more details contact us or Gor Gaao directly via their website, blog and/or facebook. Or alternatively you can just click on the link below to peep today’s post:


On a final note, thanks to GG CEO, Korn for brightening up our day with these fresh colourways!

Happy shopping,

Team Ari

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Thanks Buddy!

Thanks Buddy!

Ari Football will be making an appearance in the very first issue of Thailand’s best bi-lingual publication, Buddy Magazine. We will have our very own article in every month so be sure to pick up your copy. Peep the online version here for starters:


A big shout out to our friends, Weng and Palm, at Buddy for putting together such an awesome magazine.

See you soon,

Team Ari

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Ari Football Siam Grand Opening Weekend: 23rd-24th April 2011

Celebration of our new born baby, Siam!!!

Peep the pics and photo album the grand opening of our second branch, in Siam Square Soi 6. Across the weekend friends, family and guest enjoyed snacks, drinks, games and surprise giveaways.

The new shop can be found on the Ground Floor of Siam Krit Building (opposite the Novotel Siam – Soi 6).

This link will take you to our photo album on Facebook.

Alternatively paste the URL below into your search bar:


Warm regards,

Team Ari

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